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Electrolyte System Base 25# bag

Price: $44.75
Item Number: 2402430

Scours can occur as a result of pathogens and stressors, leading to electrolyte loss and dehydration, and in some cases, death. LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte System is designed to aid in early prevention of dehydration, scours, heat or cold stress and electrolyte loss in young calves.

The LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte System is composed of two parts. The Base addresses the early preventative state, and the Add Pack, combined with the Base, executes the treatment stage.

Base – Prevention
Composed of high dextrose for quick energy and Vitamin B Complex, the Electrolyte System Base provides beneficial electrolytes through its superior suspension technology. Base is a useful tool to use at the first signs of scours, before visible signs of dehydration. The product should also be fed before stressful events such as a long transport, introduction of new calves to the group, or hot and humid weather.

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